Parent Testimonials

“Since my daughter began working with you, I feel that her reading has greatly improved. She now picks up a book for pleasure, something she has never done before.”
~ Joan, mother of a 12th-grade student


“Leslie has instilled in my daughter a confidence in her abilities in spite of her learning disability. She has also taught her how to be a self advocate which has proven to be a life skill more valuable than any test score. To say my daughter’s life and our home life has dramatically improved since working with Leslie is an understatement of the grandest proportion. Whatever my daughter accomplishes in both school, and later in her career, will be a direct result of Leslie’s involvement in her life.” ~ Laurie, mother of a 9th-grade student


“When the doctors gave us the diagnosis that our son was autistic, they also told us that he would most likely never be able to read. This was devastating to us, not only because we enjoy reading so much ourselves, but because of the implications of that statement on the rest of his life. We worried that our son would never be able to learn in a classroom, have a job when he is older, or a million other things that require reading. We were desperate to find help as we were determined to give our son every chance possible to help him have a “normal” life. That’s when we found Leslie. It’s no exaggeration to say that she changed our lives. She gave us hope and showed us what what possible. Leslie taught our son to read and taught him to love reading. She changed our lives and words cannot express our gratitude.” ~ Stephanie, mother of a 9th-grade student​


“My son, Peter is now 12 years old and has worked with Leslie Murphy for 5 years. Through his tutoring sessions, Peter has developed confidence in his reading, writing, math and importantly, comprehension skills. Leslie has developed an excellent rapport with Peter. Peter will even ask for an extra session when a particular topic is difficult for him to grasp. Leslie has provided insightful and useful feedback and suggestions that I have been able to share with Peter’s teachers. My husband and I feel very fortunate to have Leslie Murphy as a resource.” ~ Wanda and Chuck, parents of a 7th-grade student